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The Wise Woman’s Guide is a holistic study guide including 6 part of teachings that every woman should know.

In the diary section, there are areas of daily exploration where you can write about your life and the connection of the menstrual period – the shape of the moon – emotions – dreams. By writing every day, you will be able to make discoveries about yourself and how your hormones change throughout the month.

In the 6 different sections, ancient wise woman information about being a woman physically and energetically is narrated. I am sure that doing more research on this subjects, feeling and connecting with yourself will help you to reach the sacred and spiritual power of being a woman and lead you to different lands. 

Give yourself completely dedicated 6 months of reading the workbook and writing about your feelings and the feelings in your body.

You can be sure that you will feel the transformation.

WISE WOMAN Instant Download Digital Planner & Guide


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